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Restore Your Smile With Whitening

Teeth-whitening is a simple, painless, in-office dental treatment to whiten and brighten your tooth enamel. If your teeth are dull, discolored, yellowed or gray from staining (coffee, tea, red wine, smoking, medications like tetracycline, etc.) or fluorosis (too much fluoride during childhood tooth development), whitening can help restore your smile.

Many over-the-counter products are available for patients to whiten their teeth, including strips, pastes, gels and more. These products have limitations. At Somerset Prosthodontic Dental, we offer professional teeth-whitening in our office, to be maintained at home with a treatment that involves minimal time. We can tailor your treatment for your full mouth or for isolated tooth discoloration.

Your teeth might be sensitive while you are whitening them, but the sensitivity will subside after you achieve the bright smile you desire – and stop the treatment.

Dr. Zamikhovsky and his staff can whiten and brighten your smile.
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