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Collaboration Among Experts Yields Best Results For Patients

During a prosthodontist’s three years of post-doctoral training, we work in collaboration with other dental specialists and medical colleagues. In that setting, the prosthodontist orchestrates multi-disciplinary treatment planning and care.

At Somerset Prosthodontic Dental, we employ that same approach. Dr. Zamikhovsky works closely with other specialists in the Watchung, N.J., vicinity: periodontists, oral surgeons, endodontists and orthodontists, each of whom is an outstanding specialist in his or her discipline.

Two digital dental laboratories – one in Manville, N.J., and the other in Trenton, N.J. – serve as design and fabrication extensions of Somerset Prosthodontic Dental, welcoming our patients as part of the restoration process, and operating under the direct supervision of Dr. Zamikhovsky.

The combined expertise of these hand-picked specialists, under the guidance of Dr. Zamikhovsky, enhances the outcomes of our treatment plans. If you have an unresolved dental problem, Dr. Zamikhovsky and his team most likely can help.

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