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Biocompatible, Beautiful, Natural - Looking Teeth

Somerset Prosthodontic Dental uses only ceramic (porcelain), metal-free crowns to cover or "cap" a tooth. A crown will restore normal function and appearance when a tooth’s integrity is compromised by very large or multiple fillings, a root canal, a fracture, or excessive wear from grinding. We might also recommend crowns for aesthetic improvement in cases of misshapen or discolored teeth.

High-strength ceramic crowns are preferred over those made with porcelain fused to metal because the ceramics are biocompatible, durable, and unmatched in aesthetics. Unlike crowns with metal cores, a ceramic restoration is naturally tooth-colored, and has all the translucency, luster and light reflection of a natural tooth with no dark metal shank visible where the crown meets the gum line.


In cases of heavily broken-down and some root-canaled teeth, we might also recommend inserting a post to save the existing natural root and properly support a crown. The post is placed into the tooth root, and then the usual crown build-up proceeds.

For restoration to full tooth function and beauty with expertly crafted, metal-free ceramic crowns,
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