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Up Close And Personal Gets The Color Right

Matching the color of a crown or veneer to the shade of your teeth is one thing we do not leave to our computers!

At Somerset Prosthodontic Dental, custom shade-matching is a critical component of each aesthetic procedure, one in which our patients absolutely have the final word. Our patients meet with our technicians in a natural light setting in our laboratory in Manville, N. J., just minutes away from our office. There, the technician carefully creates the color formulation and the patient approves the result.

Shade-matching is critical to a natural-looking smile. If the color is off even slightly, particularly in a front tooth, no matter how carefully crafted the restoration, it will look obvious.

If you are looking for a solution that will transform your smile, Dr. Zamikhovsky invites you to speak with him and explore the possibilities. Just call Somerset Prosthodontic Dental at 908-754-6444 to schedule an appointment.