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Top-Quality Fillings And Restorations

Fillings replace lost tooth structure caused by tooth decay or fracture. Although advanced cases of weakened teeth might call for crowns or onlays, in simple cases we correct the problem with tooth-colored dental fillings.

And, as specialists in this area, prosthodontists provide the highest level of quality in our fillings and restorations.

Somerset Prosthodontic Dental provides bonded, non-metallic composite fillings as a conservative way to restore teeth. Dental composites are tooth-colored; with proper application, the composite can actually bond to the tooth. [Link to Dental Bonding]

The bonding qualities of modern composite fillings are much improved over the white fillings of even five years ago; considerable technology has gone into their composition. Almost unnoticeable, these tooth-colored restorations also strengthen weakened teeth.

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