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Expert Same-Day Dentistry

The Digital Revolution has made possible same-day dentistry, or "Teeth in a Day." The concept originated in Spain and now is practiced widely around the world: We can extract, implant and place a permanent crown or a whole jaw bridge, all in one day.

Teeth in a Day have become so popular that clinic franchises are now advertising the procedure. Somerset Prosthodontic Dental is not part of any franchise, but we do expertly extract, design, create, implant and crown in a single visit.

Our sophisticated CAD/CAM (computer-assisted design/manufacture) digital technology greatly enhances the outcome, aesthetically and physiologically. This procedure has been around for about 10 years, but in the last four to five years, digital advances have significantly improved outcomes for patients.

A Word Of Caution

Our ability to do same-day implants is subject to a bone study, using our software, which will identify potential problems ahead of time. If we find that the jaw can support the implant, we proceed immediately.

The procedure at Somerset Prosthodontic Dental involves taking a 3-D radiographic image of your teeth, and then using our CAD/CAM tools to direct our placement of the implant, and finally to create your crown. Digital equipment assures proper angle, positioning and placement, and precision fit of your crown that cannot be matched by the old method of plaster modeling.

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