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Art + Science: Digitized Design Of Prosthetic Teeth

Three years of post-doctoral training and experience enable prosthodontists to provide aesthetic, reconstructive, and implant dentistry services at a skill level higher than that of a general dentist. Their knowledge of dental materials and the science behind them, laboratory equipment and procedures, and digital technology enable prosthodontists to customize treatment options and unique solutions for patients.

At Somerset Prosthodontic Dental, our all-digital office is equipped to do intra-oral scanning, which replaces the old mold-making that makes patients gag. In addition to scanning the patient’s face, we do a cone beam CT scan of the mouth. Then we use special software that combines digital radiographic scanning and optical intra-oral scanning to design the best outcome for dental implant placement.

With this software, we obtain a thorough 3D analysis of the patient’s bone volume and density, and that helps us determine implant type, size and ideal position. We can also produce an implant placement guide that helps the surgeon place the implant precisely as planned.

If we decide you need an implant in your molar area, and the bone is narrow, requiring a certain placement, we can create a digital template that shows how to drill the hole and exactly where to stop. This precision improves the aesthetic outcome and the longevity of the implant. Improperly placed, an implant can contribute to inflammation, as well as to bone and tissue loss.

Our software also contains all types of implants; we’re able to choose, quickly and easily, the brand, size and shape we need for a molar or a front tooth.