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Preventive Care Maintains Tooth Health

Good oral health is dependent upon preventive care – both at home and in your dentist’s office – and expert diagnostics. At Somerset Prosthodontic Dental, we have two hygienists on staff, with the flexibility to accommodate patients’ schedules to maintain both natural teeth and dental implants.

Bleeding gums and periodontal disease most often are the result of poor oral hygiene: Bacterial plaque builds up on the teeth, causing inflammation and bleeding, or gingivitis.

When bacteria spread farther down between the teeth and the gums, breaking down the connection between gum tissue and teeth and eventually causing bone loss, the condition has progressed to periodontal disease. Adults over the age of 35 lose more teeth from periodontal disease than from cavities.

Regular dental prophylaxis (cleaning by our dental hygienist twice annually) will remove tartar (calculus) and plaque, reduce or remove staining and yellowing, promote fresher breath and reduce the possibility of infection.

Your session with one of our hygienists will begin with an oral examination to evaluate the overall health of your mouth, and will include cleaning, flossing and polishing. Afterward, your teeth will feel smooth to your tongue and will look clean and shiny.

If gingivitis has progressed beyond the corrective action of regular dental prophylaxis in our office and conscientious care at home, our hygienist and prosthodontics team will work with you on a treatment plan to restore your oral health. In addition to regular periodontal charting, your plan might involve periodontal debridement (also known as scaling and root planing), periodontal surgery, and tooth restoration, as needed.

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